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Why Should You Have Multiple Income Streams?

History shows that only one income stream was needed for a family to survive. Nowadays, most families can't survive on two income streams and it is only going to get harder. With an uncertain future, you will be well advised to introduce multiple income streams to your life. Those that are successful, financially, have know this for some time. They recognise that if one stream dries up, they have others to rely on. Those less successful, financially, live life on the edge as they know that if their stream dries up it could spell disaster which could take years to bounce back from.

Looking forward, it is increasing likely that people are going to need a number of income streams from a variety of sources, just in case one dries up.

Do you currently have multiple income streams? If not, you need to add at least one more.

Think carefully about the following statements:-

"Poverty is when large efforts produce small results. Wealth is when small efforts produce large results."

Which would you prefer? Work hard for peanuts at various jobs you hate for 50 years, then die poor or work smart for a much shorter period of time, retire with multiple income streams.

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